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Duncan Dancing!

Lovely young Duncan dancers celebrating the season!

Watching children doing Duncan dance is like observing Nature - birds flying, trees swaying, water rushing, deer leaping, waves ebbing and flowing, clouds drifting. All as an expression of beautiful music. In a Duncan class these movements are ultimately shaped into lovely dances, some improvised, some choreographed by the teacher and some directly from the repertoire of Isadora Duncan.

In class the girls dance barefoot in silk dresses, ideally in a space without a mirror. As they dance they are always encouraged to listen and react very sensitively to the music they are hearing. Developing musicality is an important part of these classes. But the main thing is the JOY! The fun and freedom of Duncan dancing.

Dance classes offered in the style of Isadora Duncan for children and adults. Classes offered at LifeWorks Studio in Great Barrington, MA