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Aglet Theater Company- A Walk in the Woods- Two Shows

A Walk in the Woods
by Lee Blessing, Director: Thomas Gruenewald

Shows at 2 pm and 7:30 pm

The place is a “pleasant woods on the outskirts of Geneva,” where two superpower arms negotiators, a Russian and an American, meet informally after long, frustrating hours at the bargaining table. The Russian, Botvinnik, a seasoned veteran who has mastered the Soviet “hard line,” is urbane and humorous but, at the same time, profoundly cynical about what the current sessions can accomplish. His young American counterpart, Honeyman, a newcomer to the arms-control talks, is a bit stuffy and pedantic, but also fervently idealistic about what can — and must — be achieved through perseverance and honest bargaining.

It is a marvelous piece of theatre, as well as a great treatise on the nature of mankind, and should take its place as a classic of dramatic literature.

…a work of passion and power with the ring of political truth. It is not only the best of the few dramas to reach Broadway this season, it is also the funniest comedy. —Time Magazine

…a minor miracle… —NY Magazine…a splendid evening of theatre.

NY Daily News

Doors open at 1:30pm & 7pm for complimentary beverages and refreshments.
The reading begins at 2pm & 7:30pm, with a discussion to follow.

Tickets $30
Students, 18 and under, $20
Cash or check only

For reservations call 860-435-NWCT (6928), or