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Don Juan in Hell

Aglet Theatre Company and Dewey Hall Present:

George Bernard Shaw's verbal acrobatics and insight into the human condition are in full evidence in this thoughtful and whimsical Don Juan in Hell.


This staged reading of Don Juan in Hell begins with Don Juan and Dona Ana meeting in Hell, much to her despair. They begin to discuss why people find themselves there when Dona Ana's father, The Commander, enters, visiting from Heaven. When The Devil arrives, The Commander asks to spend eternity in Hell. Dona Ana is surprised. Don Juan is bored.


An argument ensues about Heaven and Hell, what makes humans the complex beings they are, as well as the value of artistic creation, common sense, and the hope to better oneself.


The play is directed by Thomas Gruenewald; the cast includes Mr. Gruenewald, Andrew Joffe, Macey Levin and Valerie Von Volz.


Tickets are $25.00; $20.00 for students under 18.


For tickets call 860-435-6928 or